Succession's Sarah Snook gives birth to her first child 4 months ago

Succession's Sarah Snook gives birth to her first child

Succession actress Sarah Snook has given birth to her first child.

Sarah Snook and her husband Dave Lawson subtly confirmed the news on Instagram following the show's finale.


In the snap, Snook is holding her newborn as Succession plays on the TV in the background.

Snook's followers were quick to congratulate her on the show, as well as her new arrival.

"Love to see your little one watching with you!!! you’re already a much better mom than shiv," one quipped.

Another added, "Congratulations Sarah. (And a second congratulations on that little head too in frame too)"



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The actress confirmed she was pregnant with her first child at the Succession premiere earlier this year.

Snook joked that she won't be looking to her on-screen family for parenting guidance.

She told Entertainment Tonight that her character Shiv showed her what not to do as a mum.


"I don't know if the Roy family are a paragon of family values… I don't think we could be looking up to them for guidance," she joked.

Snook has not confirmed the name or sex of her first child.


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