Terrie McEvoy responds to trolls who commented on her pregnancy weight 1 month ago

Terrie McEvoy responds to trolls who commented on her pregnancy weight

Some are particularly nasty.

Influencer Terrie McEvoy has snapped back at internet trolls after she was sent hateful messages about not gaining weight while pregnant.


Terrie is currently expecting her first child with her husband David Fitzpatrick and took to Instagram to share some of the nasty messages she has received.

Sharing a screenshot of some of the comments, with one telling the 31 year old that she is "starving" her child.

Commenting on a picture Terrie shared of her bump, the person wrote: "Anorexia during pregnancy is something I need to research but this is just not ok? That poor child is starving and will be so deficient of nutrients. God love them!! And then the vegan fad diet from birth. Poor child!!"

Terrie was having none of this, responding to say that "anorexia and anorexia nervosa are both very serious and sensitive medical conditions that I absolutely do not have.

"If you find yourself trolling a pregnant person for how they look… I’d seriously advise seeking help. This is not normal."

She then went on to share another message she had gotten privately from another follower, which read: "Starving a poor baby just to look good.


"Horrible! don’t deserve a child god love them."

Saying she didn't want to give in to these messages, she felt as if she needed to address the particularly cruel ones, saying: "You never know what someone is going through and writing poisonous words like this has such potential to do so much harm."

Terrie announced she and David were expecting their first child back in May.