Tess Daly 'devastated' after running over and killing family dog 3 years ago

Tess Daly 'devastated' after running over and killing family dog

"It's a dog owner's worst nightmare."

Tess Daly has spoken of her heartache upon accidentally running over her family pet dog and killing it.


The Strictly Come Dancing presenter said that she ran over the Maltese Shih Tzu when she was returning home after builders had left the door open.

The dog, named Minnie, eventually succumbed to her injuries.


Tess told The Sun on Sunday that she was "devastated" by the "terrible accident."

“It’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare," she said.

"It has had a huge effect on the whole family and we are heartbroken at losing Minnie. This has, and continues to be, a very emotional time for us all.”


The tragic and untimely incident occurred as Tess was returning to her home in Buckinghamshire just some days before she, husband Vernon Kay, and their two children were due to head to the Maldives for a family holiday.

They had considered postponing the holiday in the wake of Minnie's passing, but decided to go ahead in the hope that the break would boost morale.

Understandably, the couple's daughters were upset by the news of their dog's death.


Daly and Kay also have a four-year-old Chihuahua named Blue.

He was unharmed in the incident.