The Queen is appointing Meghan Markle with a new role and it's actually really sweet 1 year ago

The Queen is appointing Meghan Markle with a new role and it's actually really sweet

No better woman for the job!

As we all know, Meghan's career pre marrying Prince Harry was in the field of acting. The 37-year-old graduated with a bachelor's degree in theatre and international studies from Northwestern School of Communication back in 2003.

She appeared in several small gigs, but achieved her most successful role in 2011 on the TV show, Suits.

Now, in a role that is very close to the Duchess' heart, Meghan Markle is reportedly being appointed as patron of the National Theatre.

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According to The Express, Meghan met with Rufus Norris, the director of the National Theatre last month to discuss her plans for the role.

Her new position will include becoming involved with The American Associates of the National Theatre, a New York-based, non-profit organisation which contributes more than £3 million a year to support the National Theatre.

Compounding these duties, Meghan will also be required to liaise with American benefactors to strengthen relationships between them and the National Theatre.

Rufus Norris became the theatre director in 2015  and is said to be aware of promoting openness to different cultures.

Until now, The Express reports,

"He has never openly admitted the theatre’s connection to the Royal Family as using the 'Royal' prefix to describe the institution for fear of being considered elitist."

He said:

"The country is still very class divided and anything that adds to that perception, that this place is not open to everybody, could be a downfall."

Meghan played the intelligent and attractive legal-whizz in the hit US TV series Suits for eight seasons before calling it a day in 2017.

The announcement of her new role as patron of the National Theatre is expected in the coming days.