The TWO names we already know Meghan and Harry's baby will have 1 year ago

The TWO names we already know Meghan and Harry's baby will have

Not long to go now.

The Duchess of Sussex has officially started her maternity leave, and the the Royal Baby Watch has begun.

One of the things I am sure we are all most excited about (apart from finally finding out whether or not the rumours are true, and Meghan are indeed having twins!) is that name(s) Meghan and Hary is going to bestow upon their firstborn.

And while we'll all have to wait a bit longer before we find out the royal baby's first name, here are a couple of things we know already about what the baby's second name(s) might be.

When it comes to royal surnames, things are not as set in stone, it seems, as it is for us regular folks.

For instance, Queen Elizabeth gave her kids – Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward – the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. The reason being, shortly before their marriage, the Queen’s husband-to-be Prince Philip took the name Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. The Mountbatten bit was the surname of  Philip’s mother’s family.

The last name Windsor refers to The House of Windsor which is the current reigning royal house.

However, when Prince Charles and his then-wife Diana had their children, William and Harry, they opted to give them the last name of Wales – as Charles, of course, has the royal title The Prince of Wales.

That said, William has also used the name William Mountbatten-Windsor so it appears that you can chop and change if you’re directly in line for the crown – or quite close to being so.

Will and Kate's babies, however, little George, Charlotte and Louis, officially go by the surname Cambridge – as their mum and dad were given the titles Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by the Queen after their 2011 wedding.

What this means, we reckon, is that there is a fairly high chance that Meghan and Harry will go down the same route, and use the last name Sussex for their baby – not that royal babies need a surname that often, but, you know, for school papers and such.

Formally, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can also opt to use the more official-sounding Mountbatten-Windsor – meaning they have two last names already sorted, so now we're just waiting on that first name to be revealed once Baby Sussex arrives.