There's a weird reason why nobody calls Camilla the 'Princess of Wales' 1 year ago

There's a weird reason why nobody calls Camilla the 'Princess of Wales'


Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, is known worldwide as the Duchess of Cornwall.


And while Prince Charles is the Duke of Cornwall, he is, more importantly, the Prince of Wales.

So, why is Camilla not the Princess of Wales?

Well, according to royal blogger (career goals) Marlene Koenig, Camilla is the Princess of Wales... technically.

"Camilla is HRH The Princess of Wales, but she is styled as HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. I believe the decision to use Cornwall was done to appease the Dianamanics."

"I think it is silly to not style Camilla as HRH The Princess of Wales."


Diana was famously known as the Princess of Wales, so perhaps it is a sign of respect for the late Princess.

So, what happens when Charles becomes King? Will Camila be Queen?


Not likely.

According to Hello Magazine's royal correspondent, Camilla will be known as Princess consort.

"At the time of her 2005 wedding to Prince Charles, Clarence House said the Duchess of Cornwall would be known as Princess Consort when her husband became King."


"Memories of his divorce and the tragic death of Princess Diana meant the public were not receptive to the idea of her becoming Queen at that time."


"There is nothing to suggest that the plan has changed, although many royal watchers are convinced that the Prince of Wales wants his wife to be Queen alongside him when he is crowned."

So when you look at it that way, Kate Middleton will actually be the next Queen, when her husband eventually takes the throne.

My GOD it's all so interesting!