'They compliment each otherwell': Belle on the Love Island couple she thinks will go the distance 8 months ago

'They compliment each otherwell': Belle on the Love Island couple she thinks will go the distance

Love Island's Belle Hassan has shared her makeup bag must-have - and shared her biggest piece of advice for anyone thinking of becoming a makeup artist.

The 21-year-old spoke to Her ahead of her appearance at BPerfect Live on Sunday afternoon, where she also dished on her time on Love Island. 

The sell-out show, which takes place in Belfast's Europa Hotel, included a jam-packed schedule of live demonstrations by world-famous MUAs such as Stacey Marie and Make-up by Jah - as well as panel discussions and a chance for beauty fans to buy newly-launched cult beauty and hair products.

And when it comes to her own make up bag must-have, it turns out the answer is pretty simple.

"It would definitely be lashes. You can't really do your face without lashes," she told Her.  

Belle, who was at BPerfect Live to celebrate the launch of the exclusive new BPerfect x Jah Clientele Palette, also shared her biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to become a makeup artist - or even who is starting to get into makeup themselves.

She said:

"I think for anyone looking to become an artist, I'd just say to keep practicing.

"It's so easy to look at other people's work and judge yourself harshly. I used to to it all the time and think 'why am I not progressing', but you've just got to keep at it.

"You're going to have days where you feel you're not good enough or you're not doing well, but just keep at it - because it will pay off.

"It's the most rewarding job in the world, making people feel confident.

"Even for yourself, keep practicing, have lessons, keep learning - you can never learn too much."

Belle was one of the contestants to arrive as part of Love Island's Casa Amor twist, when the original villa is split into two and the Islander couples are put to the test.

And it turns out the 21-year-old didn't have much time between finding out she was villa-bound and when she actually joined the show.

Belle explained:

"I found out on the Friday and flew on the Sunday morning. When they called me on the Friday, they said, 'Look, we really want you to come in [for Casa Amor]. Who are you interested?'

"I told them that my main interest was Anton and...yeah, that was it. Friday to Sunday, I didn't really get much notice."

She and Anton ended up coming in fifth, leaving the villa together in late July. They announced their split just a few weeks later.

However, Belle said she wouldn't rule out a possible romance between them in the future - noting that they still talk every day and are still good friends.

She said:

"I'd never say never. We talk every day, we speak a lot - we're still really good friends. Everything at the minute is so hectic, it just kind of gets a bit much."

As for which one of this year's remaining couples she thinks will end up going the distance, Belle said she reckons it will be Molly-Mae and Tommy.

She explained:

"I think Molly-Mae and Tommy. They seem to be getting on really well, they click really nicely.

"They compliment each other - I see their Instagram Stories all the time, it's just so nice to see how well they're getting on."

Love Island's Belle was at BPerfect Live for the launch of the exclusive new BPerfect x Jah Clientele Palette. 

It features 18 easy-to-blend matte shades, 11 highly pigmented foiled shimmers and an eye-catching pressed pigment for that extra pop - and is available to order now here