The third Jackson sister joins her siblings in a stunning photoshoot 3 years ago

The third Jackson sister joins her siblings in a stunning photoshoot

They look incredible!

18-year-old Katie Jackson joined her older sisters Suzanne and Carla for their first magazine photoshoot as a trio. Starring on the cover of RSVP magazine, the girls look stunning (and very alike) as they pose for the cameras.


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Katie completed her Leaving Certificate in 2017 and this is her first modelling shoot alongside her two sisters.

Speaking at their photoshoot, 33-year-old Suzanne spoke about her relationship with her sisters saying:

"We’re a very close family – Carla works with the brand and Katie is in college studying marketing, so she will probably come into the business when she qualifies. My family means everything to me and they are heavily involved in everything I do. My friends and family have been with me since day one, so I have a great inner circle and that means a lot."

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And her sisters are extremely proud of what and who Suzanne has become. Speaking about her sister, Carla said she loves meeting followers of Suzanne, who look up to her and tell her how much they love her, however, Carla also said that with Suzanne's fame comes a lot of backlash and one thing she hates is reading the comments online, she said:

"The downside is probably the way people speak about her online. Some of the comments I read just breaks my heart. I suppose the good comes with the bad and people are always going to have opinions, but it’s still not easy to read, especially when you know that what they are saying is not true."

The youngest sibling Katie agreed with Carla, saying:

"The downside would be having to read comments, and sometimes outright lies, made by complete strangers who have never even met her."


However, both sisters have Suzanne's back no matter what and cannot wait to see what she does next as "she puts 110% into absolutely everything she does. Her brand is what it is because of the blood, sweat and tears she has put into it" they revealed to RSVP magazine.

So, what is next for the successful entrepreneur? Well according to Suzanne, she someday hopes to open a restaurant with her husband Dylan. She revealed: "We are massive foodies, we love great food, a drink and a good atmosphere, so that’s something we would love to do!"


This is certainly just the beginning for Suzanne.