This is the reason why none of the royals call the Queen 'Elizabeth' 3 years ago

This is the reason why none of the royals call the Queen 'Elizabeth'


So despite what you may think, the royal family are not all crowns, jewels and castles.


They do engage in certain normal traditions - like nicknames.

Obviously, to all of us, The Queen is Queen Elizabeth... but to her family, she's something different.

The members of the family never refer to the Queen as Elizabeth.

the queen


As a child, Queen Elizabeth could not pronounce her own name, like many children.

She began calling herself Lilibet, and it kind of stuck!

Her parents and her grandparents called her Lilibet growing up, which is very sweet.

Her husband, Prince Philip, also has a nickname for his lovely wife.


Philip calls the Queen 'Cabbage'.

the queen

It has been speculated that the name comes from the French "mon petit chou" which means "my little cream puff".

However, the literal English translation is "my little cabbage."


Prince Harry and Prince William call the Queen "Granny" and Prince George calls her "Gan Gan".

Even Meghan Markle has a nickname for the monarch, calling her Mama.

See, they're just like us... kind of.