Tina Knowles Pens Emotional Open Letter to Beyoncé, Solange and Kelly Rowland 7 years ago

Tina Knowles Pens Emotional Open Letter to Beyoncé, Solange and Kelly Rowland

Tina Knowles has penned an open letter to her "four daughters" ahead of Mother's Day in America this weekend. 

In a piece for TIME magazine, the designer reflects on her relationships with Beyoncé and Solange, Kelly Rowland and niece Angie Beyince.


Addressing the four women, she writes:

"I gave birth to two of you, but I have four incredible daughters. Writing this brought to mind all the ways you guys have been such a blessing to me."

"When I’m feeling sad or not-so-cute or maybe a little sorry for myself, and you all include me in your group chat and tell me how hot I still look or how cool I am. Maybe you send me a crazy YouTube video. What actually works best is a cute photo of my grandchildren."

Tina, who recently married actor Richard Lawson, also reflects on her divorce in the emotional letter, remembering the love and support she felt from her girls. The 61-year-old goes on to describe the nerves she felt before her first date and the help she turned to her daughters for.



Addressing each of the four individually, Mama Knowles pays tribute to Beyoncé, Solange, Kelly and Angie in turn. To Beyoncé, she says: "Beyoncé, I wish people could see how you are when you’re not in front of the camera or on the stage."

To Solange: "I knew when you were born three days late that you would walk to the beat of your own drum. You were always my rebel warrior!"

Knowles goes on to describe Kelly as "a true gift from God" and "the sweetest, most kind person I had ever met".


To finish, Tina explains how she is often asked about her proudest moment. She writes: "I would have to say it was at my recent wedding, when all four of you said in your own words that I taught by example and that I helped to make you the women you are today!!!! That was truly my proudest moment!"


To read the letter in full, click here.