Tom Hardy finally got his Leo DiCaprio tattoo after losing a bet 4 years ago

Tom Hardy finally got his Leo DiCaprio tattoo after losing a bet


Leonardo DiCaprio is great.


Tom Hardy is greater.

The Mad Max actor recently showcased his greatness to the world via getting a tattoo because he lost a bet.

This wasn't any regular tattoo, however, this was a Leo DiCaprio based tattoo because Leo was the one who Tom lost the bet to.

Still following? No? Don't worry, we'll explain.


Way back after The Revenant was released, Tom bet Leo that he wouldn't be nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor.

Tom, as we all know, was in fact nominated, meaning that he had of course lost the bet.

At the time, Tom told Esquire that as a result of the bet, he had to get a tattoo of Leo's choosing.


Apparently, Leo chose a tattoo that read: "Leo knows everything."

Right so.

A few years went by and nothing more was really said about the tattoo.


It was assumed that Tom had dodged that particular ink-based bullet, or simply forgotten all about what he was suppose to do.

That was, until, yesterday when a photo of Tom and a lad named Andrew appeared online.

And right on Tom's right bicep are the words: "Leo knows all."


See it?

Clear as day. Kinda.


The tattoo can also be seen here in another fan photo shared by a woman named Wendy.

She and her mate look only delighted to be meeting the Dunkirk star.

And we don't blame them either.