Tom Hardy does not look like Tom Hardy on the set of his new film 4 years ago

Tom Hardy does not look like Tom Hardy on the set of his new film

What a versatile man.

Tom Hardy does this thing when he stars in films where he looks so little like himself that you're sitting there watching it like 'who's that, is that Tom Hardy?'


It's happened to us so many times now we can hardly count, generally only remedied by the fact that Hardy's voice is unmistakable so you know it's him that way.

And, as it turns out, Hardy's done it again and gone and shot another film where he doesn't look like himself at all.

Fair play to him.

This time, Hardy is playing Chicago mobster Al Capone in his new movie, Fonzo. 


The new movie focuses on the final years of Capone's life and seeing as he was almost 50-year-old when he died, the makeup department has had to a serious number of Hardy's youthful visage.

They've clearly done a decent job too, as these set photos show.


Hardy also shared a couple of pictures of himself in full Capone makeup during the week.

It is probably safe to go ahead and say that these makeup artists are a talented bunch.

Hardy has had to shave some of his head for the role too to give him more of an authentic gangster-at-the-end-of-his-life look.

It's working, anyway.