Tommy Fury calls out Jake Paul after Molly-Mae comments 1 year ago

Tommy Fury calls out Jake Paul after Molly-Mae comments

"Enough social media chat. Let's get in the ring and fight."

Tommy Fury had some harsh words for Jake Paul, after the YouTuber involved Molly-Mae in their ongoing feud.


Jake Paul posted an alleged screenshot of Molly-Mae asking him if he'd show her around on her next trip to America.

The message in the screenshot reads: "Might be coming to America later this year and have always been a fan of your videos. Maybe you can show me around?!"

Molly-Mae, however, was quick to dismiss the screenshot as fake.

She tweeted: "Times must be hard when you're having to fake a DM... Photoshop is scary."


Tommy Fury has said that he'd settle their dispute in the boxing ring.

He told Sky Sports: "I'm over the talking. Let's get it on. Let's put it to bed. Enough social media chat, which he loves. Let's get in the ring and fight.

"Stop making excuses, and make the fight next!"


When asked about Paul's comments towards Molly-Mae, Fury said: "I'm thick-skinned. I'm a professional athlete. These boys ain't. These boys play games on the internet and run around for a living.

"I fight hard for a living. I will let my fists do the talking. For every bad thing he has said, he will get a swift right hand for it."

The boxer added: "I will break every bone in his face. You don't bring people's loved ones into it. It's a fight. It's nothing to do with them. Leave them out of it."

Jake Paul, who started off as a YouTuber before pivoting into boxing, will face ex-UFC champion Tyler Woodley in the ring at the end of August.


Fury was originally considered for the fight, but Woodley was selected due to his larger presence in America. The former Love Island star will fight Paul's sparring partner, Anthony Taylor, instead.