It turns out Lacey and Billy from Love Island used to have a thing 1 year ago

It turns out Lacey and Billy from Love Island used to have a thing

Oh, wow.

Love Island's Billy Brown has been an open book since leaving the villa and has spilt the tea on a lot more about his time there than we originally knew.


But now he's chatting about his romances before he ever even entered the show, and one in particular also has a connection to life in the villa.

The 23 year old joined as a Casa Amor bombshell and left alongside Summer Botwe, and it wasn't long until four new bombshells arrived, including Lacey Edwards.

It turns out had Billy stayed in the villa longer, Gemma wouldn't have been the only one to have an ex arrive.

Speaking to FUBAR radio, Billy said he knew Lacey and has "got with her before".


He said: "I saw that this Lacey girl is going in and I’ve got with her before, which is funny.

"Next thing you know, she texts me the day she got out saying ‘missed you by a day.’ She was coming in for me I think, yeah, it’s quite funny."

Speaking more about it, he revealed they shared "a little kiss" at a boat party.


"It was a boat party. She fancied me and I ended up just getting with her. It didn’t go any further,” he said.

Since leaving the villa, Billy has been an open book about his Love Island experience and hasn't held back on what really went down.

Speaking to YouTuber Will Njobvu, Billy said that Luca "was hating" when he was brought back from Casa Amor by Tasha, saying: "He could tell I would flirt with any girl."

"He was acting so nice to my face, but you know when you can see that someone's being quite fake with you? He's just putting on a act.


"Now we've seen him on screen saying 'this kid, this boy' - I'm not worried about him."

Luca was not happy when he found out Billy had been flirting with Gemma behind his back, with the pair knowing each other from before the show.

"He was stressing in there," said Billy.