TV Presenter Ben Fogle Opens Up About Heartache At Son’s Death 6 years ago

TV Presenter Ben Fogle Opens Up About Heartache At Son’s Death

TV presenter Ben Fogle opened up about the heartbreaking loss of his son, after his wife Marina went into early labour at 33 weeks losing their baby.

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Speaking to This Morning, the 41-year old revealed the pain his family went through, telling Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford:

"We lost him at eight months or so. It's incredibly painful because of that very reason.

"It's someone you nearly met, you dreamed of meeting, your projected what your family would be like, you projected the three children together, you did the nursery, you'd told the children."

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Ben was in Canada at the time his wife Marina went into early labour, saying the fear of losing his wife after already losing his son still affects him:

"I lost a son I never met and had to get to grips with the terror of losing Marina. It still gives me heart palpitations and panic attacks."

The couple, who are parents to children Ludo and Iona, decided to open up about their grief in support of other parents who are experiencing the same heartache:


"To have that stolen from you is painful in a way that unless you've been through it yourself you can't understand, and that's why we've spoken about it."

"Perhaps people find it hard to understand how losing a child before it has been born can affect you so deeply, but it really does."