Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls throwback is giving us serious early 90s nostalgia 1 year ago

Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls throwback is giving us serious early 90s nostalgia

Only 90s kids will remember, etc.

Last year, the Spice Girls got back together.


It was a reunion of iconic proportions, one that the general public had been desperate for for many years, one that reminded us that feminism did not exist until Geri Halliwell shouted the words 'Girl Power' on a stage in Manchester in 1995.

Noticeably absent from the reunion was, of course, Victoria Beckham who decided that she didn't want to go tour with her former bandmates.

One of the reasons for her no-show was because she was simply too busy with her fashion bits. The other was that singing had never been her passion so why bother doing it again, to be honest?

However, VB's inability to return to her performing roots wasn't borne out of not wanting to spend time with Emma, Mel B, Mel C, and Geri.

The five-some actually appear to have remained decent enough friends throughout the years, unlike other iconic girl bands we know and love.

So much so that Victoria has taken it upon herself to wish Emma Bunton a very public happy birthday and inflict a load of 90s nostalgia upon us while she's at all.


Scenes all round in this image, tbh.

The dungarees. The smokey blue eye shadow. The bangs. The black nail polish. The leather jacket. The white zip-up hoodie. The space buns. The genuine quality of that photograph.

Incredible, all of it.

Victoria shared the photo on her Instagram last night to wish her friend a very happy birthday.


As per the comments on the image, Emma thanked Victoria for her kind words and intensely 90s photo.

We will never be graced with such iconography in this world again.