Vogue Williams just compared Spencer Matthews to her dog, and we're screaming 2 years ago

Vogue Williams just compared Spencer Matthews to her dog, and we're screaming


You may have copped by now that Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are probably one of our fave celebrity couples.


Why? Well, first of all, they seem very much in love, and we love love.

But we also love that they kind of troll each other, and rip the piss all the time. Maybe it's an Irish thing?

Anyway, at the moment, the couple are in New York on a little romantic getaway (they've left they're gorgeous baby at home!)

We get it, they haven't actually had a night away to themselves since the adorable Theodore arrived last September.

Vogue has been documenting their lovely trip on her Instagram stories, where she also made a very funny dig at her husband.

The model posted a snap of Spencer on her instagram stories, leaving the airport, looking for a taxi.

Whatever way Spencer made a face, it looks as though his eyes are popping out of his head.


Vogue Williams captioned the image on her stories:

"Winston defo got his eyes from Spen."

vogue williams

Winston, as you may or may not know, is Vogue's beloved Cavalier King Charles.

A breed of dog that have notoriously bulgy eyes, hence the joke, and we're laughing.


It's been a VERY busy month for our gal Vogue, so we're not surprised she's taken a few days off.

In the space of the past month alone, the mother-of-one has celebrated her son's first birthday, wrapped the second series of her TV show on Channel 4, celebrated her wedding with a lavish party and landed a gig as the brand ambassador of Diet Coke.

All in a days work for Vogue Williams.