Vogue Williams describes "hellish" flight home with daughter Gigi 1 year ago

Vogue Williams describes "hellish" flight home with daughter Gigi

We've all been there (kind of).

Travelling with a baby is never easy, and it gets especially complicated when there's a long trip involved. It's extra tough if you're pregnant yourself. One woman who knows this all too well is Vogue Williams.


The star recently returned from the Maldives with her husband Spencer and her two young children, Theo and Gigi, and the experience of flying with children is one many can relate to - although we'd be more Malaga than Maldives, truth be told.

Vogue dished the details of her recent trip during the latest episode of My Therapist Ghosted Me, the podcast she hosts with Irish comedian Joanne McNally.

The model and DJ said: "Well, I tell you one thing, I won't be doing again and that's an 18-hour trip with two children whilst pregnant."

She continued: "Gigi wouldn’t leave me alone. She wouldn’t go to sleep, she was just whinging. And I was so tired that my head was falling back and it was honestly like torture.


"Then eventually she fell asleep and so did I. But I woke up with a dead arm because she was lying on my arm. It was hellish."

Vogue added: "She whinged the entire time from the airport to home."

Vogue and Spencer are currently expecting their third child - a baby boy - due in April

In an interview with HELLO! Magazine, Vogue spoke about how Theo was excited to learn he would have a baby brother.


Vogue said: "My sister asked Theodore if he wants to have a brother or sister and he replied: 'A brother! I don't want a sister, I already have a sister.' So he's delighted."

On a previous episode of My Therapist Ghosted Me, Vogue asked Joanne if she'd consider being godmother to her third child, to which Joanne said "Yes, I’d love to! Oh my God, I’d be absolutely honoured!"