Vogue Williams says she has no plans on having a fourth child 5 months ago

Vogue Williams says she has no plans on having a fourth child

Vogue Williams has opened up about having a fourth child.

The mum-of-three has previously spoken out about expanding her family but said she doesn't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon.


She told The Irish Mirror that she likely won't have another child for quite a while.

"Definitely not thinking about baby number four. I understand now why people have gaps,” Vogue said.

The mum explained that having gaps between her children is incredibly important to her. She said having gaps is an extremely beneficial thing that she never realised until she had children of her own.

"Gaps are important so I'm not. Otto isn’t even one yet but he’s honestly such a dream child.


"I actually wish he had been more of a nightmare because then it might put me off it altogether."

The mum added, "I'm not saying never, but definitely not now."

Vogue has three children with her husband and former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.


They have two sons, Otto and Theodore, as well as a daughter Gigi.

Vogue previously opened up about having more children on her podcast.

The mum said she has changed her mind about having another child shortly after Otto was born because he's been such a good baby.

She admitted that if things were harder with her baby boy Otto then she wouldn't have considered it, but he's been such a dream child.


The mum-of-three said: "If Otto had been an awful baby and didn't sleep and was a nightmare, we wouldn't even be dreaming of having another one."

“But now it's like the door is kind of - it's ajar," she said.

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