Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively purchase £1.5 million home in Wales 5 months ago

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively purchase £1.5 million home in Wales

The village has 2,500 residents, one shop and two pubs.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have reportedly bought a £ 1.5 million house in a sleepy village called Marford in Wales that's just five miles away from his beloved Wrexham F.C.


The American/Canadian actor purchased Wrexham Football Club with bestie Rob McElhenney back in November 2020.

They've gathered a lot of support for the club following the success of their Netflix series, Welcome to Wrexham.

Since the pair bought the club, they've been very involved in the running of it and are always back and forth to the UK for meetings and matches.

Wrexham is not a huge town so Rob and Ryan are seen often around the place and have become familiar faces in the community.


Ryan shares four children with Gossip Girl actress, Blake Lively who all seem pretty comfortable living in their lavish New York City home.

Although, with their new £1.5 million purchase, Blake and the kid's may be in Wales a lot more now.

It's reported that Reynolds bought one of the most prestigious properties in the Marford area.


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It's a very small village in north Wales that has around 2,500 residents, one shop and two pubs. So, it's a hell of a lot quieter than their usual NYC life.

According to Rightmove, properties in Marford had an overall average price of £479,600 over the last year. The majority of sales were detached properties, selling for an average price of £528,857. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £364,667.

Some loyal people found it amusing that an A-list celebrity was moving in just down the road.


One wrote: "It'll make the school run a bit more interesting, I guess."

Most people were supportive of the move and were happy to see him be so involved in their local football club.

Others couldn't understand why he would choose to live somewhere so public with one person asking why he wouldn't buy a property out in the countryside.

They said: "I love Marford but you would think with all his money he would buy somewhere a bit more rural with more privacy and security.

"After all, it's not like he needs to get a bus to the Racecourse."


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