Vogue Williams reveals why she was turned down for a TV gig 4 months ago

Vogue Williams reveals why she was turned down for a TV gig

Vogue Williams has revealed the strange reason why she was turned down for a huge TV gig a few years back.

The mum of three was in the running to land a major TV show a number of years ago but never made the final cut.


Now, the 37-year-old has opened up about the story on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me with Joanne McNally, admitting the reason for not getting the show was not something she expected.

Vogue confessed: "I hate being so tall.

"I found out today that I didn’t get a TV job – this was from like four or five years ago, one that I really wanted.

"And I found out that I didn’t get it because the other presenter was so much smaller and that presenter was locked in.


"And they were like ‘We can’t have giant face over beside him because she’s too tall’".

This comes after Vogue revealed that she would not be replacing Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show when he leaves at the end of the month after 14 years.

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Vogue told the Irish Mirror: "I love Ryan so much on that show. I really do. He’s so lovely and he was fantastic on it.

"I do like Miriam O’Callaghan to be honest with you.

"She’s great but she pulled herself out which is really disappointing because I thought she would be really, really good at it."

Patrick Kielty has become the frontrunner for the presenting gig after Claire Byrne and Sarah McInerney both bowed out of the race.


Now the favourite to be given the job, TV sources have told The Sun that the broadcaster now sees it as a "golden opportunity" to get his wife Cat Deeley on board too.

The insider said: "There’s speculation that Patrick Kielty’s signing might pave the way for Cat Deeley to feature in some of RTE’s output, so it would be a massive win-win for them.

"She has a huge amount of star power and she’s very well connected, so everyone is very hopeful that we’ll see a string of A-list guests popping up on the Late Late as well."


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