Vogue Williams shares horrific taxi ordeal as he "s**t on her doorstep" 1 year ago

Vogue Williams shares horrific taxi ordeal as he "s**t on her doorstep"

We can't say we envy her here.

Vogue Williams has spoken about her horrifying ordeal with a London taxi driver after he "did an anger s**t" on her doorstep.


Spilling all about it on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, she told her co-host Joanne McNally that she caught the taxi driver taking a poo on her CCTV.

The soon to be mum of three revealed that a car was booked to take her to a job that morning but the night before, she requested if the pick up time could be changed.

Much to her unfortunate, the booking system didn't update and the driver was left waiting for 20 minutes outside her building.

When she finally made it to the taxi, the driver was furious and she was left to sort out the confusion with the pick up time.


After settling the dispute, they went on their way but it wasn't until hours later that she discovered the horrific sight.

Vogue's sister Amber called her to tell her about the disgusting discovery, with Vogue saying: "Amber rang me and Amber was like, ‘Did you know what that driver did this morning?’

“And I was like, ‘What? He was really pissed off at me. He really had a go at me, he was so f****d off.’


“We have a concierge that sits and he walked in the door and there was a full human s**t with tissue on my doorstep.

“So he couldn’t get through the pedestrian gate without getting s**t on your feet so my poor concierge said, ‘I have to clean up this s**t, but I also want to know who did the s**t because there’s CCTV’.”

Much to our ears' dismay, Vogue went into more detail about her ordeal.

She continued: "And… if you had a bad curry and were dying to s**t there are so many other places to s**t in like meters of where he did it.


“And he’s pacing up and down furiously looking up and down the road comes back does a half-standing, half squatting s**t, wipes his a***, gets into the car, no joke.”

“I got into the car less than a minute later. My concierge was like, ‘Did you shake his hand?’ And I was like, ‘[No] he was raging at me.’

“He did an anger s**t on my doorstep and then I get into the car and explain the situation and he’s probably sitting there thinking, ‘I’ve just s**t on her doorstep and she didn’t even do anything to me’.”