Vogue Williams jokes about how Spencer spends a lot of time "in the dog house" 1 year ago

Vogue Williams jokes about how Spencer spends a lot of time "in the dog house"

It gave us a good laugh.

Vogue Williams has opened up about a rough patch she and her husband Spencer Matthews went through recently, poking fun at the Made in Chelsea star.


Speaking with her husband on the latest instalment of her podcast, Vogue told Spencer that she "could take you or leave you" after revealing he had been "in the dog house" over the last few days.

Asking him if he missed her while competing in an extreme marathon in The Sahara desert, Spencer was certainly making up for something as he immediately said: "I missed you enormously as you know. Because I am just so violently in love with you."

After his dramatic confession of love for his wife, Vogue decided she needed to clear up any confusion for their listeners.


She said: "Can you tell that Spennie and I have had a recent fallout?"

Spencer immediately tried to deny it, asking Vogue "why would you say that?" which the Irish model ignored before continuing with: "I could take you or leave you. I did quite well on my own."

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Clearly trying to buy her love with compliments, Spencer continued by saying that being away from her only further "ignited his passion" for her but Vogue could read straight through it and said he was only being so nice because he was "in the dog box."


The Dubliner said: "Okay, well let’s not talk about that because I’m going to come across quite mean and you’re only doing it because you are in the dog box, as you would say."

Spencer replied: "The dog box is not where I spend any time," only for Vogue to say: "You spend an awful lot of time in the dog box, more than Winnie."