Wait... Are Maura Higgins and Giovanni Pernice back together? 7 months ago

Wait... Are Maura Higgins and Giovanni Pernice back together?

Hang on a second...

First, they're deleting each other off of their Instagrams, next Giovanni's serenading other women, and now Maura's hinting they have gotten back together.


While it was never fully confirmed they'd split and they could have been together this entire time, sources had claimed Maura was devastated by the break-up after only a few months together.

Maura now seems to be hinting that the pair have reunited after she treated herself with a stay at a luxury London hotel and it instantly had fans convinced she's not single.

Looking at the glam pictures she posted, fans spotted two champagne flutes in the photos, which instantly had them jumping to the idea that she must be back with Giovanni, as well as a meal that looked like it was fit for two.


Uploading a video from the hotel bathroom to her Instagram stories, she wrote "back in my favourite hotel" and then came the champagne bottle and glasses.

Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that the second glass must be for the Strictly Come Dancing star, but Maura left them curious about who it could be for.

It has been reported that Maura also refollowed Giovanni on Instagram, so that could mean fans suspicions are true.

Sparking rumours that they aren't together anymore, Maura deleted any trace left of him off her Instagram, and she isn't getting a look in on his page either.


And to confirm their suspicions, even more, a source toldĀ The Sun: "It's all over for now. Maura's absolutely devastated, it appears the Strictly curse has struck again.

"Pals are hoping that they can patch things up. But only time will tell whether they'll work things out as Giovanni is so busy.

"He's been focusing on Strictly, training his celeb partner Rose 24/7, and they've become really good friends. He's even been learning sign language from Rose, showing it off on social media."