Wait until you hear what Mollie King just said about Calvin Harris 6 years ago

Wait until you hear what Mollie King just said about Calvin Harris

Wouldn't they just make a FAB couple?!

So, it seems that Mollie King has a bit of a crush on Calvin Harris and now I can't stop imagining them together.


The Saturdays star sat down for a chat with Mail Online recently and revealed her feelings on a couple of famous faces including Calvin and Olly Murs.

A few weeks back, Olly reportedly said that he had a thing for Mollie and while she has said he's "a very handsome guy", she appears to have her sights set on Calvin.

When asked to choose her celebrity crush, Mollie opted for the Scottish DJ and it seems she's got a bit of a soft spot for him.

The 29-year-old, who is set to launch her first solo single Back to You this Friday, said:


"Body aside, he's definitely got the banter. I have seen some of his Snapchats, and he's got a good dry sense of humor like myself".

So basically, someone just needs to make this happen because they would make the cutest couple ever.

This introduction should probably happen sooner rather than later too as Mollie is willing to give speed dating a go because she said it looks "really fun".

Mollie's single, Calvin seems to be still going solo for now and judging by what Mollie said, they appear to find the same things funny.


Although the Saturdays have branched out and worked on their own projects with Una Healy appearing as a judge on The Voice and Molly flying solo, they're "still very much a band".

Although they don't have any gigs planned or an official date set to work together again, Molly said that they're very close.

"They have been so supportive. I showed Una (Healy) the video the other day, and she was glued to the screen.

"We are all proud of each other with the ventures we are doing. We feel wrapped up in a dream when we are together".