The way Stormzy and Maya Jama got together is relatable AF 1 year ago

The way Stormzy and Maya Jama got together is relatable AF

We get it.

Stormzy and Maya Jama are possibly the coolest couple there is out there at the moment.

They like to keep things private, however when they're at events together or share the odd social media post about one another, it's SO cute.

So, it's good to know that the story of how they got together is totally relatable.

For their first ever interview as a couple for Vogue, Maya and Stormzy shared the tale... and basically, Maya didn't want to come on too strong, but wanted the singer to know she liked him... but not too much.

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"We met in October, then we were going out by January," Stormzy said, before Jama clarified, "We met at Red Bull Culture Clash.

The she continued: "You know, if I’m really honest, I knew I fancied him from the start. But I didn’t want anything yet, because, you know, you’re trying to do the whole friend situation first, and then I’d do, like, obvious hints that I fancied him and then take it back because I didn’t know if he definitely liked me.

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"It was a childish phase. And then one day we just kissed, and that was that!"

See? We've all been there before! One thing's for sure though, we're glad they finally became an item after all that will-they-won't-they.