Kate Hudson lands herself in hot water over C-section comment 3 years ago

Kate Hudson lands herself in hot water over C-section comment

They don't call it labour for nothing, ya' know.

All mums – no matter what way they gave birth – will no doubt tell you that bringing a tiny human into this world is in no way a walk in the park.


Anyway, with this in mind, you can probably understand why a whole lot of mamas are finding an answer actress Kate Hudson recently gave in an interview with Cosmopolitan a little strange. And sort of offensive.

The eyebrow-raising remark appears in the October issue of Cosmopolitan that features a gorgeous-looking Hudson on the cover. Inside the magazine, there is a lenghty interview with the mum-of-two.

The majority of the questionnaire is very typical Hudson, the funny, charming, girl-next-door persona we all think we know from her movies. And then there is this:



Yup. She just said the laziest thing she had ever done was have a C-section.

As in; having doctors slice her open to remove a fully-grown infant out through her belly. Lazy? Despite never having had a C-section, I would say this is pretty much as far from lazy as you get.

We are going to have to give her the benefit of doubt and assume she must have been kidding on this one, I think.

Seriously, Kate. We really hope you were kidding.