Yes, Stacey Solomon and Steve-O used to date 4 months ago

Yes, Stacey Solomon and Steve-O used to date

Excuse me, what?!?

One used to sing a song or two on X Factor every week, the other jumped off buildings on motorbikes, a match made in heaven?


Stacey Solomon has always been very open when it comes to her personal life, sharing her relationships and family online, so the internet was a little surprised when they found out about her famous ex.

Bringing back the memories of this iconic duo, one fan made us all remember when they tweeted a picture of Stacey with none other than Jackass's Steve-O, saying: "The oddest celebrity couple of all time i’m still in disbelief this actually happened".

One fan replied, wondering: "Was talking about this the other day, feels like an alternate dimension."

Another said: "I'm f**kin decked over this what the actual f**k."


A third said: "This is actually nuts Stacey Solomon and Steve-O used to be together."

While a fourth commented: "sometimes think i made this up cos not enough people talk about it."

The couple met after they both appeared on the winter sports themed games show The Jump and dated in 2015.

While we're only being reminded of this romance now, the pair were open about their relationship at the time.


After meeting on the set in February of 2015, they started dating almost instantly and kept fans updated on their relationship on Instagram and some of those pictures are still there.

Speaking about her romance with Steve-O at the time in an interview with Free Radio in March 2015, she said: "I have no idea how it happened – I get really embarrassed [mentioning it]. We're just seeing how it goes at the moment.


"I remember feeling like this independent woman who was like 'No! I don't want to be with anybody. Stay away.’

“My focus is on my children and my work and then it got to the end of the show and, for some reason, I wasn't happy about the fact that I might never see him again and it went from there."

And Steve-O opened up about their relationship on Celebrity Juice that April, saying: "We were in Austria for six weeks together [for The Jump] and pretty much on the first night I was just getting creepy and looking her up online.

“I liked her right away and we just started having a great time.”

They split up not long after and by January 2016, she was with Joe Swash.