Zac Efron shares creepy new photos on Ted Bundy movie set 3 months ago

Zac Efron shares creepy new photos on Ted Bundy movie set

He's been sharing plenty of photos behind-the-scenes over the last few weeks.

In case you haven't heard about it yet, Zac Efron is currently filming a movie based around Ted Bundy's life.

And needless to say, watching his transformation into the serial killer is a little disturbing.

He's already shared images on Instagram of him on the set of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, including a picture of him with his female co-star Kaya Scodelario.

Schemin’ #behindthescenes🎬

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Meet Ted. #behindthescenes 🎬

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Now another pic from shooting has been shared, this time by Jim Parsons, who you probably better know as Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. He appears alongside Efron in a courtroom scene in the photograph.

Parsons will be playing Larry Simpson, who was the lead prosecutor in the 1979 trial for the murders of Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy. Check him out in action here:

arguing with Ted Bundy (aka @zacefron ) in some period garb... #wickedcrew

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John Malkovich will also stars in the film, playing the role of Judge Edward Cowart, who oversaw Bundy's televised trial and sentenced him to death in 1979.

The film, which will be told from the perspective of Ted's longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, goes into the mind of Ted Bundy, who back in the 1970's murdered over 30 women.

The American serial killer kidnapped, raped and murdered most of his victims.

He was known to return to crime scenes  weeks later where he left victims dead, performing necrophilia on many of the women's bodies.

The notorious killer was also known for having a charming look which he exploited to win over his victims. Bundy confessed to his crimes in 1984 and he was then sentenced to death by electric chair.

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