10 bands that need a comeback tour in light of Spice Girls selling out Croke Park 2 years ago

10 bands that need a comeback tour in light of Spice Girls selling out Croke Park

Spice Girls just proved friendship never ends, Westlife is a thing again, Backstreet boys are BACK and so, who's next?

We're truly in the era of the comeback tour. Bands choosing to come together and reunite is something which has been well reciprocated by Irish fans, with their gigs selling out at lightning speed including Spice Girls Dublin date which caused outrage today when fans couldn't get their hands on one of 82,000 tickets.


There was pandemonium on Ticketmaster with supporters of the band stuck in queues while the box offices had the same issue with eager fans lining up for miles in a bid to see the four spices talk to the stage after seven years.

It's fair to say there are plenty of former bands out there noticing this pattern and perhaps *fingers crossed* playing with the idea of following suit.

And so, we're predicting the future and announcing the 10 bands that'll make their comeback announcement in 2019.

S Club 7

This needs to happen. Never Had A Dream Come True was my first CD single and my love for Rachel was intense. This 7-piece had some serious hits and a reunion tour would be one that'd send fans wild. Imagine rocking out to Reach For The Stars with a G&T in hand? Life goals right there.


Pussycat Dolls

OK, can I name all the Pussycat Dolls? No. Do I think that would stop me going to their tour? Absolutely not. In my opinion, a Pussycat Dolls show would be nothing short of a spectacle - not only is this group full of talented singers, but also incredible dancers (think Buttons music vid) and so, this show would be well worth the cash.


This group were a little like Atomic Kitten in the sense that it felt like they kept being replaced but in fact, there has only ever been 6 Sugababes and three of them taking to the stage would be enough to satisfy our cravings. Surely?


Black Eyed Peas

This is a must. I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't be game for heading along to see Fergie and the boys belt out their greatest hits including I Gotta Feeling, Pump It and of course, Where Is The Love?


One Direction

I know, I know, this isn't exactly a blast from the past. For some of us it feels like 1D only split up yesterday but you can be sure if they reunited they'd need about 12 Croke Park dates to satisfy the demand.

one direction reunion

My Chemical Romance


Disbanding in 2013, this split broke many hearts and although frontman, Gerard Way is doing well as a solo artist it doesn't stop us from hoping they'll someday reunite.


There's a whole lot of loving going on - OK, so perhaps not enough love for a massive reunion tour BUT if they reunited to open Westlife's comeback tour having previously toured as their opening act, you can't agree you'd go wild for a lil' Liam? Also the white outfits - iconic.

Liberty X

Again, they wouldn't be selling out Croker but we'd for sure bop along to Just A Little Bit More proudly if this group decided to rejoin forces for a gig.

Girls Aloud

After fans let rip into Cheryl this week for her solo comeback, maybe it's time the group join forces once again and hit the stage as a 5-piece? Cheryl teamed up with former bandmate, Nicola Roberts to write her latest track "Love Made Me Do It" and so, we just need to get the other three onboard.

Jonas Brothers

Ahhhh, a Disney Channel hit. Although Nick is doing deadly all on his own, there is nothing stopping this trio from getting back together, a little family bonding time, if nothing else.

The nostalgia is REAL.