5 rom-com movies like Set It Up that are available on Netflix now 3 years ago

5 rom-com movies like Set It Up that are available on Netflix now

It's the feel good viewing of the summer.

Last week, Netflix released Set It Up - and it's become one of their most talked-about films.


The movie follows two 20-something, over-worked assistants - Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) - in the same office building that team up to set up their demanding, Miranda Priestly-esque (and single) bosses with each other in an effort to get them to ease up on the workload.

It's got a meet-cute in an elevator, plenty of witty comebacks, a last minute dash to the airport - and, of course, one good smooch.

Since it was released on June 15, the movie has been hailed the most "wholesome and adorable" rom-com in years - and, just generally, the best one of the genre.


So, if you're staying in this Saturday night, we have taken a look at five other similar movies you may want to check out....

Alex Strangelove

High school senior Alex Truelove plans on losing his virginity to his girlfriend - but things get complicated when he meets the handsome and charming Elliot, sending Alex on a roller-coaster journey to find what he is really looking for.


When We First Met

Noah spends an evening with the "girl of his dreams", Avery - only to end up friend-zoned. He spends the next few years wondering why, until he gets the chance to go back in time and change what happened that night over and over again.

Happy Anniversary


A couple spends their three-year dating anniversary looking back at their relationship - and trying to decide if they should stick together or break up.

Ali's Wedding

When a white life spins totally out of control, Ali, the son of a Muslim cleric, finds himself caught between his sense of family duty and what his heart wants - follow through with his arranged marriage, or be with the girl he loves.



When Harper is sent to Barcelona for an important work meeting, her two best friends tag along - and convince her to fly to Ibiza to pursue a fling with a famous DJ.