6 of the best moments from last night's Late Late Toy Show 1 year ago

6 of the best moments from last night's Late Late Toy Show

In case you haven't heard, the Late Late Toy Show took place last night.

And while the opening number - a mashup of Frozen's Let It Go,  Into The Unknown and In Summer - blew fans away, let's face it: it was the kids who really stole the show.


Here are 6 of our favourite moments from last night's Late Late Toy Show. 

"You weren't meant to be home for Christmas."

The moment that 10-year-old Lee was reunited with Alex, his sister who lives in Australia, was too much.

The 10-year-old was told to send a special message to his sibling, and when he told the camera that he missed Alex, Ryan turned him around and said: "You don't miss her - because she's right there.

Lee's family members rushed onto the stage in surprise, and we were in floods of tears over it all - especially when the family found out she was going to be home for the holidays.

“If I were Cian, I’d want a big sister like you."


Sophie Barnes Aabo, a fan of School of Rock and Harry Potter, showed viewers about toys that make audio recordings - which she says she uses to send notes to her five-year-old brother, Cian, who is in hospital receiving treatment for leukemia.

Ryan told her that they were going to send Sophie and her mum to London to see School of Rock the musical - and that they would be going to the Harry Potter studio tour.

"We think that you're magic," Ryan said as he comforted her, before adding: “If I were Cian, I’d want a big sister like you."

"Bullies never win."


Late Late Toy Show fans flooded social media with praise for eight-year-old Sophia Maher, after her incredible anti-bullying message.

After a discussion about the harsh comments Sophia had experienced in her life, Ryan Tubridy asked her: "Do you have a message for other kids who are having a bit of trouble in their life?"

And there wasn't a dry eye in the house after her brave words.


"I want you to say hello to a friend of mine..."

Boxing fanatic Elle Thompson got the surprise of a lifetime when Katie Taylor came out on set to surprise her.

The Dubliner had a chance to show her hero her skills - and Katie told her she thought she was going to be an Olympic champion some day, before presenting the young girl with the boxing gloves she wore in her last fight.


"The golfer of the future."

Six-year-old Ella Kenny was left speechless when she met her hero, Shane Lowry, who presented her with a signed flag from The Open - and then offered to bring her and her family to The Open next year.

Sisters Jenny and Rebecca kept Ryan on his toes

Dublin sisters Jenny and Rebecca gave Ryan Tubridy a very detailed tour of the So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse, before (repeatedly) soaking the host with bubbles.

The pair had viewers in stitches as they then wrapped the host in a blanket resembling a burrito, only to start throwing the usual fillings at him.