A prequel to Grease is reportedly in the works 4 years ago

A prequel to Grease is reportedly in the works

Tell us more, tell us more.

A prequel for Grease is reportedly in development - and it's going to fill in some blanks about Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson's love story.


The Wrap report the film - titled Summer Loving - is inspired by the Grease's Summer Nights, where Danny and Sandy are telling their friends  about the summer fling they had through song. Zuko’s account is more graphic while Olsson’s is much more innocent.

Basically, the prequel to the 1978 musical is going to turn the he-said/she-said song into a full-length film, showing just how Sandy and Danny actually met and how their love story began.


Paramount has reportedly hired Big Fish screenwriter John August to write the film.


There's no release date set just yet, nor have any of the cast been announced.

The news comes after the film marked its 40th anniversary last year, with the cast getting together for a mini-reunion

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John - who played Danny and Sandy - both spoke about filming some of the most iconic scenes in the film.


John told Variety:

“We rehearsed so much in the three week period to get it right, and you can see from the energy on that film, we were so anxious to get it right that I think everything — it was like going to school.

"Every day there was a regimen: song, dance, recording, rehearsing scenes, rewriting scenes. It was a big myriad of events."

Olivia also said that they had a pretty interesting way of rehearsing their lines.

She explained:


“Instead of sitting down and reading the script, [producer] Allan Carr arranged for us to have a dance. We all got to meet each other and dance to ’50s music."