Adele's American accent on SNL is making us feel some kinda way 1 year ago

Adele's American accent on SNL is making us feel some kinda way

"Oh my God! No worries, girlfriend!'' - Adele, as an American.

Adele can do no wrong in my eyes, especially when she's singing, talking and also laughing.


Over the weekend, however, she had a few people a little surprised by her American accent which she tested out on US television.

The British singer was the host of Saturday Night Live, and having never hosted the show before she blew the audience away not just with her singing capabilities, but her presenting ones too.

But before the show even went to air on Saturday, the 32-year-old singer was part of a few promos that went out to announce her hosting gig. In one of them, she tried out her best American accent... and people were well and truly confused.

In the teaser promo video, Adele is joined by SNL cast member Kate McKinnon and musician H.E.R. McKinnon gives Adele's accent a go and Adele says jokes back: "Oh my God! No worries, girlfriend!''


But it wasn't the lighthearted promo announcing Adele as the host that got people talking, but rather her attempt at the US accent... and the fact that she still, after all these years, sounds perfectly British.

Honestly, what can't that woman do?


During her stint on the show, Adele also addressed her recent weight loss. In a casual, lighthearted bit, she joked:

"I know I look really really different since you last saw me but actually because of all the Covid restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me, and this is the half that I chose!"


Adele also thanked the frontline workers in her monologue, who were in the SNL audience.