Amy Hart 'in hiding' in Spain after leaving the Love Island villa 10 months ago

Amy Hart 'in hiding' in Spain after leaving the Love Island villa

Amy Hart has reportedly "gone into hiding" in Spain after leaving the Love Island villa.

The 26-year-old left the show on Monday, days after her split with professional dancer Curtis Pritchard. She is the fifth contestant to leave in 24 hours.

According to The MirrorAmy, whose exit is said to be shown tonight, remains in Spain and is "experiencing full aftercare" offered to the Islanders after they leave the villa.

It comes as Amy's parents are reported to have stopped watching the show as it is "too painful" to watch her heartbreak.

An insider told The Sun

“Ian’s a normal father who finds it concerning to watch his daughter go through the rigours of Love Island.

“He can’t bear to read all the upsetting opinions on the internet about her. He has taken down his Facebook account and now refuses to watch the show.

“Any father would find this sort of thing very tough to watch while powerless to intervene.

“How things have changed in less than a week. Maybe he’s having second thoughts about her entering now.”

Amy left the Love Island villa on Monday, after she was left heartbroken when her half-boyfriend Curtis ended their relationship last week.

A source told The Sun:

"It was Amy's decision to walk from the villa as she felt she had gotten as much as she could from the experience," a source close to her told the publication.

"She fell in love, had her heart broken and couldn't stand the thought of seeing Curtis crack on with other girls while under the same roof as her.

"She was given therapy and support from the producers at ITV and they felt she was emotionally sound enough to make her own decision.

"They would never dream of keeping someone in there if they weren't happy about it."