Andrew and Dami both steal a kiss on the terrace on tonight's Love Island 1 month ago

Andrew and Dami both steal a kiss on the terrace on tonight's Love Island

It's going down.

Casa Amor is well and truly in full swing on tonight's Love Island and as the girls are away from the main villa, the boys are taking the "out of sight, out of mind" approach.


The preview during last night's episode seemed to show Dami and Andrew’s heads turning as they kiss Summer and Coco, and a teaser on Aftersun showed the boys and girls taking part in a kissing challenge, which causes chaos every year.

Each villa competes against each other and those who are the fastest win a party that night.

After this goes down, and multiple people take part in kissing people who they are not in a couple with, Dami and Andrew have some new intentions when it comes to the new girls.

In the evening, Andre is by the fire pit when the boys are Coco to kiss him, but while this is going on, Dami and Summer sneak off to the terrace.


Summer asks Dami: “Do you feel sneaky up here?" and Dami replies: “Well, we didn’t crawl in so it’s fine.”

Summer agrees: “It’s a secret but it’s not a secret", before asking: “Would you say I’m your type?”

Dami answers: “Yeah, I wouldn’t really be up on the terrace if you weren’t my type.”


Asking Dami to read her mind, he says: "You fancy me. You feel like there is a bit of chemistry between us. You wanna kiss me. You wanna share a bed with me tonight. You still definitely want to kiss me.”

Never breaking eye contact, Summer remarks on this and challenges Dami to a staring contest, which Dami says: "If you lose, just shoot your shot.”

This is when the two share their first kiss.

When it comes to Andrew's antics, it seems like Tasha is a thing of the past, saying in the beach hut: "Right now I’m not going to be thinking about Tasha. I’m going to be thinking about myself for once. At the end of the day I wanna be happy so, I’m definitely going to speak to Coco, we’ll see what happens.”


He later asks Coco to join him on the terrace for a chat, saying: "I did want to talk to you, as I know we had a chat this morning. You know you are my type and I definitely wanna get to know you more.”

Coco replies: “Cute, why do you wanna get to know me?" and Andrew responds: “I’m not going to lie, you’re a bit of me.”

Coco tells Andrew he is the one her mum would want her to go for, and they'd get on well, before Andrew brings up the kiss they shared earlier, saying: "Obviously we had a little kiss down there…”

Admitting she enjoyed it, Andrew asks: "Would you like to do it again, do you reckon?”


Coco responds saying: “Do you wanna do it again?”

And as they say, the rest is history and the two share another kiss.