Bake Off fans in tears after emotional final show 1 year ago

Bake Off fans in tears after emotional final show

Bake Off spoilers ahead!

Let's face it. The finale of The Great British Bake Off is top tier TV.


We're pretty much guaranteed delicious bakes, emotional reunions, and of course, a brand new champion.

Last night's Bake-Off was no exception, with many viewers taking to social media to share how they felt as a new amateur baker entered the illustrious Bake Off Hall of Fame.

The finale saw Giuseppe Dell'Anno, Crystelle Pereira and Chigs Parmar battle it out in the tent, and in the end, it was the Italian that took the top spot.


While the crowning moment was emotional in itself, fans were equally moved at an earlier point in the show after Giuseppe received a touching video message from his father wishing him luck in the final.

Family came into the again fore after Giuseppe was named the winner of the Channel 4 show.

He said: "There are no words. I am speechless for once. All I can think of is the reaction from my mum and dad."


He added: "The fact is that everything I have done to deserve this comes from (dad's) heritage. It's the best thank you note I can possibly send him."

The other finalists were thrilled for Giuseppe.


Chigs said: "I am over the moon that Giuseppe's won because I know how hard he has worked throughout the whole competition. It's a euphoric moment."

Crystelle said: "I am so happy for Giuseppe. He's an incredible guy. So genuine, an insane baker and he really deserves that win. His family are going to be so proud of him!"

Over on Twitter, fans and Bake Off alumni congratulated Giuseppe and reacted to the final.


Scott Bryan promised that he wasn't "crying", after learning that Giuseppe and his father are writing a book together.

Others joked that Italy had scored a "clean sweep" this year with representatives from the country winning the Euro's, Eurovision and now, Bake Off.