Could Beyoncé have already given birth? An investigation 5 years ago

Could Beyoncé have already given birth? An investigation

Grab your tinfoil hat.

The birth of Amal and George Clooney's babies yesterday had us all 'aww'ing her in the office and prompted us to ask; just when is Beyoncé going to deliver her twins?


Well, there are a number of people in internet land who believe she's already given birth.

Yep, Queen B could be playing us all for fools.

The woman is a PR powerhouse and likes to control how the world sees her - from attempting to prevent the publication of unflattering photos of her performing at the 2013 Super Bowl to rarely giving interviews - but fans might have burst her bubble by piecing together evidence to suggest Blue Ivy's new siblings are here.

Here are the clues fuelling the conspiracy.



1. This photo

Yoncé has been drip-feeding carefully staged photos of her growing bump to her Instagram followers over the past few months and duly posted this one at the end of May (her last one to date).


Some fans were quick to point out that her bump here looks slightly smaller than in previous photos, such as the one from her baby shower/ push party, suggesting it was taken a while back and that she's trying to throw us off the scent.


Her followers were having none of it.

trinity: Sis where the babies why you doing us like this girl lol

xainkouyoungmoney: Yup she had the twins??

wandeltara21: Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, tell us if the babies are out right now

paballo.gaobuse: We know u've given birth B

breezy2x:Sis when you gone show us the twins


Some also pointed out that Bey's crimped hair here is the same as in photos from the beginning of May.



Bey's had a lot of different styles since then (curls, braids), suggesting the snap of her and Blue from the end of May is indeed a throwback.



2. Solange cancelled a concert

Bey's sister Solange pulled out of a concert in Boston almost two weeks ago at the last minute. The level of planning that goes into a gig on a major tour makes 'production drama' sound like "the dog ate my homework" in terms of excuses, so naturally, fans were a little suspicious.


3. Tina Knowles was spotted at an LA hospital

Now, Beyoncé's mum could just have been in for an ordinary check-up, or the image could be a fake, but it's fun to imagine Tina dashing to the hospital in a stylish hat to cradle her new grandkids.


4. New ads for Tidal

New adverts for Tidal, Jay Z's streaming service, bearing '4:44' have appeared in New York and L.A. in the past 24 hours. Nothing too strange in that perhaps, except for the significance of the number four for Bey and Jay - her birthday is 4 September, his is 4 December and IV (i.e. Blue Ivy) is the Roman numeral for the number four. Some have taken this as a hint that the babies have arrived.


So there we have it, conspiracy fans. As soon as we hear, we'll let you know!