Binge watching a TV series is bad for you, study finds 1 year ago

Binge watching a TV series is bad for you, study finds

We love a good binge session.

So much so, that we don't really know if we agree with these findings...


Listen, we all know that going out for a jog is healthier than sitting on our bums and watching TV... but which one gives us more joy? Hmmm...?

The study, which involved 8,900 adults, found that binge watching TV can further your risk of a inflammatory related disease.

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Inflammatory diseases cover a whole host of illnesses, such as Alzheimer's, asthma, diabetes and kidney disease.

The research, which first began in 1999, measured the candidates viewing habits, and then returned seven years later, and then six years after that.

In the final round of research, 909 people died, and 130 were inflammatory-related.

Dr Megan Grace, the lead author of the study said: "Those who spent more time watching TV were older, less likely to have completed at least 12 years of education, had lower household income, were more likely to be current or ex-smokers, more likely to have diabetes or hypertension, and had a more adverse overall health profile.


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"High TV viewers also had a lower diet quality," she added.

A bit harsh...

Honestly, we love sitting in on a cold rainy night and binging on our favourite TV show, so we're probably not going to read too much into this research anytime soon.