This bizarre Home Alone Elvis theory is doing the rounds this Christmas 4 years ago

This bizarre Home Alone Elvis theory is doing the rounds this Christmas

Christmas is coming, and along with the traditions of visiting 12 pubs with your mates and eating far too much, most homes in Ireland have watched Home Alone with turkey sandwiches.

In the 26 years since the film was released (yes, it's really been that long), people have raised a lot of issues with the film.


But the latest fan theory is pretty eerie, and could put a seriously sinister spin on the Christmas classic.

One crazy conspiracy theory is insisting that Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll made an appearance in the 1990 film.

home alone

According to Refinery29a scene in the airport where Kevin's mother is begging with an airport employee over the counter.

In the right background of this still picture from the film, behind actress Catherine O'Hara's left shoulder, we can see a man with a beard and a turtleneck on... The person whom people believe to be Elvis Presley.


Can you spot him?



The actor/Elvis Presley lookalike even had the same MANNERISMS as Elvis, which makes it all a little bit eery.

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We have heard numerous rumours that rapper Tupac and other celebrities still being alive so why wouldn't anyone believe that Elvis could very well have made an appearance in Home Alone?


Aside from the fact that he died in 1977 and Home Alone was made in 1990 of course...