Chicago returns to the Bord Gáis, and it's certainly not to be missed 1 year ago

Chicago returns to the Bord Gáis, and it's certainly not to be missed

This is one you'll want to see.

Theatre is well and truly back in full swing at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, the second longest running Broadway musical returned to the Dublin stage and what a treat it was.


With bright lights, big belters and just the right amount of murder for a Wednesday night opening, the cast of this production of Chicago took to the stage for a show stopping performance.

Like easily everyone else in the building, I am obsessed with the film and saw the stage show a good few years ago on the same stage, so I was very excited to see it once again.

When the curtain lifted, I was surprised and a little bit disappointed to see the orchestra on stage. Some people love when they see this take on a musical setting, but for me, it feels redundant.

Sometimes, and especially with a show like this, having the orchestra as the set never works for me. As much as I appreciate the work the orchestra do, the set ties a show together and without one, it's not the same, especially with a show that could've done so much with a decent set.


While I thoroughly enjoyed the production, the acting, the singing, the quality of the performances, there were certain things I picked up on.

Of course, each performance of any show takes its own take on it, but even then there are some aspects that should be looked more closely at. I've seen this show with a full set before, and it truly was the finishing touch.


Speaking to others at the interval, it seemed everyone was a little bit thrown when Roxie Hart, played here by Faye Brookes, was sporting her natural hair. When you picture Roxie, she's blonde and known to be blonde, so not that it took away from the show, but was an interesting choice.

I felt something similar when it came to Velma Kelly, who was played by Djalenga Scott. With all of her theatre credits, the audience was truly blown away by her talent and her performance, as was I.

Velma seemed to be the most fitting role for her, she was born to play this part. The only issue with this role was the costuming and hair and makeup, compared to Roxie, it was as if the focus was put on her.

With a simple slicked back hair style and minimal dress, some of the ensemble were done up more which didn't make sense to me. She is as big a character as Roxie, Mama Morton and Billy Flynn, but from her costuming, you wouldn't have thought that.


Overall, the show is one that stands the test of time. Every time I've seen this, including this production, I've been left amazed. It's a show that truly has you beaming and this production did just that, despite the few issues.

Chicago is running at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre until April 16th.