Copper Face Jacks the Musical is returning next year 1 year ago

Copper Face Jacks the Musical is returning next year

It's back.

While nightclubs are back in full(ish) swing, Coppers just isn't the same when you have to leave at midnight, that's usually when the fun begins.


And while we can't get the full experience of Coppers, theatres are in full swing and one show is making its return to the stage to fill the void we're missing from our favourite nightclub.

Copper Face Jacks the Musical is set to return to the 3Olympia Theatre in Dublin and other venues across the country next summer.

The theatre has announced that Paul Howard's hit musical will be heading back to the stage, and honestly, we all need a good laugh after the last two years.


Bringing some of the most recognisable characters we've all seen pass through Coppers on a night out, the show is set to have culchies, Dubs, craic and "lots of shifting".

Returning to the show is Love/Hate's Johnny Ward as Gino Wildes, Fair City actor Stephen O'Leary as Mossy Munnix as well as Young offenders Star Rachel O'Connell, Ros na Rún's Daithi O'Donnell, and more while Sarah Gordon takes up the role of Noeleen Níc Gearailt.

For anyone who hasn't seen or even heard about this musical, it follows the classic Irish love story set on the night before a Dublin v Kerry All-Ireland Final.


The show sees "a sweet Kerry girl falling head over her flat shoes for the captain of the Dublin team Gino Wildes and asks if true love can conquer their linguistic hurdles and opposing county colours."

Taking to his Instagram, Paul announced the big news, saying he is "very excited" for the show to return.


Coppers The Musical is set to hit the stage on 26 July 2022 at UCH Limerick before moving to the 3Olympia on 2 August where it will run until 20 August. After this, you enjoy the show at The Cork Opera House from 23 to 30 August.