Coronation Street fans devastated as the factory roof collapse victim has been confirmed 1 year ago

Coronation Street fans devastated as the factory roof collapse victim has been confirmed


Coronation Street fans were left devastated tonight [March 20] when the person who died in the Underworld factory collapse was revealed.

Late last year, Coronation Street showrunner Iain MacLeod confirmed that a beloved Weatherfield resident would be dying after roof of the factory roof crumbled.

While the tragedy appears as an accident at first, it will be revealed that "some kind of criminal enterprise" caused the collapse.

The Weatherfield residents will so realise the Underworld factory collapse is actually the work of a twisted person among them - a new "long-range" super villain.

On Wednesday night, the person who died in the factory collapse was revealed - and it was particularly heartbreaking.

The dramatic double bill picked up where Monday's episodes left off, with Gina running to the street to tell everyone what had happened. A rescue team - led by Gary, Gina, Tyrone, Tim and Abi - ran back into the collapsing factory to help.

They rescued everyone that they could, with a number of the protestors managing to escape relatively unharmed.

It then cut to Kate and Rana's wedding day, with Kate becoming more and more concerned that Rana hadn't showed up. She rang Imran, who was out looking for his sister when he noticed the cloud of dust from the factory.

He ran up to the scene to find out what happened - and was assured that his sister wasn't in the building. He called Kate back to tell her what had happened, with Kate deciding to ring Rana to make sure she was definitely safe.

It then cut to the medics walking through the ruins of the factory, headed towards Sally (who was also in a bad way), and talking about how everyone they knew was in the factory had been found.

Rana didn't answer Kate's call at first, but she quickly called her back - and told her that she was trapped in the factory rubble.

She told her that she had gotten trapped in the factory after she went back in to get her bag, begging her fiancée for help. But then their call cut out, as Rana frantically tried to ring Kate back.

Kate managed to get through again, telling her that the police now knew that she was in there and that she was on the way. She tried to calm Rana; telling her that they were definitely going to get married and "it's going to be the best day of our lives".

The rescuers were ultimately able to almost get to Rana, but had to retreat when it became unsafe. Kate, Jonny and Jenny pulled up at the factory as the rest of the roof collapsed, with Rana still trapped inside.

In the second part of the dramatic double-bill, Kate frantically tried to get Rana to answer her.

"She went to get her bag, the rings were in it. And the vows; she was nervous about getting it right," Kate tearfully told them.

The rescuers were able to go back into the factory to try and get to Rana, who had been severely injured in the second collapse.

She told them that Kate needed to know the truth, adding to Ali: "Tell her I may not get out of this."

Imran caused a distraction so that Kate could sneak into the factory and have a chance to see Rana again.

Kate walked into the office and tried to comfort Rana as the paramedics worked around them.

As they tried to tell her they needed to get her out of there as soon as possible, Rana asked Kate if they could get married now "just in case".

Kate told her her vows, about how she couldn't "wait to spend the rest of my life with you" and she had "all my love, always."

Rana began to panic when she realised she couldn't remember her vows, telling Kate, "I don't want to leave you."

She remembered part of her vows, and the pair exchanged rings before Rana tragically passed away.

Coronation Street viewers were left heartbroken after seeing the scenes unfold.