Coronation Street set to feature an upcoming abortion storyline 5 years ago

Coronation Street set to feature an upcoming abortion storyline

Corrie is known for screening storylines that matter the most.

The long-running soap is known not only for its explosions, tumultuous relationships, slagging matches in the Rovers but also dealing with issues that resonate with real life.


The recent storyline which featured Michelle Connor and her stillborn son Ruarí received much praise from mothers and indeed women everywhere for the sensitivity, accuracy and attention the crew paid to the subject of stillbirths.

The latest storyline set to strike a chord with women is on the topic of abortion. Given Ireland's oppressive laws on bodily autonomy and the upcoming strike for repeal coming up, the storyline couldn't come at a better time.

According to The Sun, actress Katie McGlynn, or as we better recognise her, Sinead Tinker, will have to decide on whether or not to procure a termination after her affair with Daniel Osbourne.

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Actress Katie, speaking of her onscreen affair with Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne explained the backstory to Sinead's romp with Daniel.

"Sinead and Chesney have been together forever and she’s just grown up."

"They’ve been arguing. Daniel sees a quirky girl in Sinead and he calls her mysterious and exotic. The situation with Chesney kind of pushes them together.”

"They first sleep together in the factory. Daniel needs somewhere quiet to study and Sinead keeps doing overtime at the factory so she invites him to work there."

Actress Katie was spotted filming outside a termination clinic as scene will reportedly play out in the coming months.