Coronation Street's Audrey Roberts to make heartbreaking discovery on family trip 4 months ago

Coronation Street's Audrey Roberts to make heartbreaking discovery on family trip

Uh oh.

Amid all the drama with the person who sabotaged the Underworld factory, it turns out there's going to be another big reveal on Coronation Street next week.

The Platt's are going to be headed off on a family holiday next week, but their troubles aren't too far behind.

David and Nick think they've managed to successfully escape from all the drama back home. But things spiral out of control when Natalie follows them to the camp, sparking a chain reaction that threatens to pull the family apart.

As the brothers begin to panic as to whether they should tell the truth about what they've done, David's relationship with Shona hits the rocks when she sees him having a conversation with Natalie.

She calls off their engagement and David, sick of lying and trying to salvage his relationship, tells Nick he needs to come clean.

And when he doesn't, David decides to take matters into his own hands: he tells Audrey himself, leaving his grandmother absolutely devastated.

The drama continues when the Platt family return to Weatherfield, as Nick tries to cut David a deal and take the blame for stealing the £80,000.

Actor Jack P Shepherd revealed why his character has finally decided to come clean about Nick stealing the £80,000 - and how he'll deal with Shona calling off the engagement.

Reflecting on why David would finally tell the truth after so long, he said:

"He’s just sick of lying, he’s spinning all these plates in the air and he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He wants to get it all off his chest and into the open, try and repay Audrey and fix what he’s done before it’s too late.

"I think he does [think about the consequences of coming clean] but the lies are eating him up, he knows he could go to prison but in his mind he deserves it and he’s prepared to face it so he can stop lying to his family."

He added that when Shona calls off the engagement, David is "adamant" he can explain the truth - once he tells Audrey.

He said:

"When he does come clean Shona’s obviously still not happy that he’s lied and stolen from his gran, okay he’s not having an affair but he’s still robbed his own family and she’s not sure what’s worse!"

The scenes are set to play out on Monday, May 27.