Coronation Street's Mikey North teases massive trouble ahead for Gary Windass 4 years ago

Coronation Street's Mikey North teases massive trouble ahead for Gary Windass

Uh oh.

Coronation Street's Mikey North has hinted at another big showdown between Gary Windass and Sarah Platt next week.


Gary promises his girlfriend that he won't lie to her anymore, after he comes clean about his recent loan shark troubles.

However, things kick off when Sarah finds out that Rick Neelan was the same man who was in her house a few days before - and she's sickened as she realises how close he was to her son.

And Mikey admitted that the reveal is like "the final lie in the coffin" for Gary and Sarah's relationship, leaving Sarah to tell him it's over between them.


Admitting that Gary may be about to "face a whole new wave of problems", he told DigitalSpy:

"This is the worst I've seen her react to anything that Gary has done, even when she found out that he'd got Nicola pregnant. She loses the plot, she's throwing stuff at him and screaming at him. Tina threw a bag of stuff at me so hard, she nearly took my head off, so she was definitely in the moment!

"She's given him so many chances, I've thought every time that this will be his last one. He's done so much wrong and he's lied a hell of a lot, but never with malice intended. There's always been mitigating circumstances, but this may be too far."

The actor added that while "this is the worst it's been" for Gary, it's not the worst that it's going to get.


He continued:

"I suppose there's nowhere to go but up. Having said that, I've read the storylines and if he thinks he's at rock bottom now, things are about to get a whole lot worse for him!"

Mikey also spoke about playing "a bit of a loose cannon" after Gary's recent troubles, and the moment he reckons Gary "went off the rails a bit again."

He said:


"It's good to touch back on the Gary we saw when I first started. He's a bit more devious and a bit darker, which is always great to play. There are people shouting stuff on the streets again. It's quite interesting, it's like turning the clock back 10 years.

"I think it was the army that probably straightened him out a bit, but then when he came back from that and then his friend Quinny died, he kind of went off the rails a bit again.

"He's worked hard to stay on the straight and narrow but situations have spiralled and now he's coming off the rails again, which is great to play. It's always nice to tie that back in and see that side of the character."

The actor also hinted at what's in store for his character, and how the split with Sarah is a "definitely a big turning point."

He continued:

"It's a massive year and there's lots to come. This is definitely a big turning point in Gary's life and it's been my most interesting year so far of the 11 I've been here.

"This is the next chapter in the character's life and I can't wait to see what's in store."