Dami explains why he was "angry" during the Love Island reunion 1 month ago

Dami explains why he was "angry" during the Love Island reunion

He was all good.

Love Island star Dami Hope has insisted that he wasn't "moody" or "angry" during the reunion on Sunday night after fans claimed something was off with him.


Viewers of the one-off episode took to social media to see if Dami was okay after they noticed he was quieter than we had seen during his time in the villa and something wasn't right.

Clearing things up, Dami took to Twitter himself to reassure us all was okay and that he was really just a bit tired.

Dami wrote: "Pls pls I was happy just legit no energy, exhausted after carrying the show for 2 months."

He later joked again when asked if he was angry, saying: "I finished catching up on what the world was saying."


Fans couldn't help but relate to Dami's reaction during the show as they have deemed it the "worst" reunion since the show started and "could have been an email."

One person wrote: "Dami looking exhausted is representing all of us watching this crappy reunion."


Another said: "Dami’s whole vibe is screaming “this could’ve been an e-mail” and I agree."

Even Dami himself got involved, saying: "I’m fighting for my life to keep my eyes open."

During the show, host Laura Whitmore asked the final four couples how they were getting on when Dami was noticeably fed up and said he was "tired".

Speaking later, Dami and Indiyah were interviewed on their own about living in the real world, with Laura asking if they were still waking up beside one another.


Laura said: "So you're still next to each other when you wake up?"

Indiyah quickly replied: "Yeah, of course," while Dami added: "Well, where else would we be?"