Dani Dyer has responded to complaints about THAT video clip on Love Island 2 years ago

Dani Dyer has responded to complaints about THAT video clip on Love Island

Well we're still annoyed.

This year's Love Island winners, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, flew away with the first-place title and were the favourites to win from pretty much day one.

Dani and Jack coupled up on the first day and stayed together for the whole eight weeks of the competition with neither head being so much as tilted, let alone turned.

But a happy couple is no fun, right?

So, of course, the producers had to mess with the perfect pair by splitting them up for three days.

They sent Jack and the rest of the boys to Casa Amor, where he met his recent ex, Ellie. The Love Island producers then sent a now infamous video to Dani of Jack's reaction upon seeing Ellie.

Dani was devastated and viewers flooded Ofcom with complaints, accusing the producers of emotional abuse.

But it looks like Dani is completely over the incident and knew exactly what she was in for when she signed up for the show.

She told The Sun:

"Oh listen, they've got to make a TV show. If I weren't crying the viewers would drop.

Yeah it was hard, it was a test for me and Jack. But we got back together. We had the up, we had the down - and now we're up."

This wasn't the only event that sparked controversy amongst the Love Island viewers this year.

Spanning the two-month period, Ofcom received over 4000 complaints from fans. This is over 260 times the number of complaints received during the first season three years ago.

Of the 135 complaints made last year, most were about the amount of smoking on the show.

However, while alterations were made to suit last year's complaints, Ofcom have said that they don't plan to take matters further with this year's issues, telling the BBC that viewers were "likely to expect emotionally charged scenes" and scenes that "have been engineered to test competitors' relationships."

Well, we guess it wouldn't be Love Island without a bit of carefully crafted drama here and there.