WATCH: Deleted Mean Girls clip shows Cady and Regina face off at prom 10 months ago

WATCH: Deleted Mean Girls clip shows Cady and Regina face off at prom

Living for this.

Mean Girls is one of the most iconic and memorable films of our generation, but what we would give to have been able to see Cady and Regina have one last face off.


Thankfully, some dreams do come true, and in this unseen deleted scene, we finally get our answer as to what may have happened.

The scene shows Regina, played by Rachel McAdams, after she fractures her spine whens he got hit by the bus, and later getting into a heated altercation with Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan.

Discovering Cady's betrayal, false rumours began spiralling that Cady pushed Regina in front of the bus as her last piece of revenge.

The clip takes place during the Spring Fling event where Cady is voted queen, but here we get an even longer conversation between the two than we originally saw.


Running into Regina in the toilet, Cady sees her for the first time since the accident and things do not go down well.

The clip also shows a hilarious moment with Regina’s mom, played by Amy Poehler, where we only get to see the coolest mom ever being even cooler.

While Mean Girls remains one of the best films of the 2000s, fans have taken to social media to say they would have loved to see this scene in the original film.


One said: "I love the last scene. It explains a lot about regina not being so selfish anymore."

Another wrote: “The bathroom scene was actually a good scene between Cady and Regina and explains a lot and gives closure."

While a third said: "The last scene of cady and Regina in the bathroom should have stayed in."