Derry Girls will end with an extra special extended episode - and it sounds gas 1 year ago

Derry Girls will end with an extra special extended episode - and it sounds gas

Creator Lisa McGee "couldn't resist ending with an encore".

The TV phenomenon that is Derry Girls is coming to an end soon but Channel 4 have just announced some news that might cheer us all up a little bit.


After the final episode of season three, there will be another special 45 minute episode.

And since the show is set to the backdrop of The Troubles in Northern Ireland during the '90s, it's no surprise the special will centre around one of the most historic moments of that time – the Good Friday Agreement.

It will take place one year after the rest of the show and will see the girls getting ready for the Leaving Cert, while Erin and Orla look forward to their joint 18th birthday party.

However, the spotlight might just be taken away from them with all the political going-ons.


Creator Lisa McGee said:

"Like all the very best '90s bands, I couldn't resist ending our farewell tour with an encore for our loyal fans.

"The special deals with the historic and momentous Good Friday Agreement vote, which coincides with the gang's coming of age, they enter adulthood just as Northern Ireland embarks on a new future.


"I'm so proud of this show and of our incredible cast and crew and everything we've achieved over the past 5 years. What a journey it's been. I'm so grateful Channel 4 gave me the space to end the stories of these characters that mean so much to me with this special."

The news comes after McGee took to Twitter on Friday to share an alternate storyline that didn't make the cut for season three.

It involved Erin writing her own rendition of Romeo and Juliet, that she thinks is super original and is allowed to put on as a play in school. The casting foes to a class vote, with Orla bagging the role of Romeo and none other than Jenny Joyce.

She promised to share more potential plots with fans soon.